Pandemic Update

To protect our flock and shepherd, we are currently limiting access to farm visits and following hygienic protocols during on site visits. Sheep are still for sale, so contact us for details on our animals.

We have temporarily closed our Etsy store in response to COVID-19. Feel free to favorite an item on Etsy and be automatically notified once the store has been reopened. We are taking this opportunity to fill our inventory with uniquely dyed roving for your spinning needs this Fall.

Products & services
We use natural, holistic farming practices.

Red Oak Farm is delighted to announce an online catalog, store, and seasonal updates! We are looking forward to sharing our goods that are holistically grown with the environment and animal welfare in mind.

Our flock of Gulf Coast sheep are downright gleeful when sheared in the spring as the heat starts rolling in. Their fiber is cleaned, carded, and handspun locally in Georgia. We offer next-to-skin soft, fluffy, nicely crimped natural roving for hand spinners, with a variety of staple lengths to fit your needs. We also have beautiful hand spun yarn, dyed with native plants, in several colors. And, for those spinners who like to do it all from scratch, we also have raw fleeces.

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Gulf Coast lamb is simply outstanding, so much so that it is listed in the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste where it is described as “extremely tender, moist and balanced with a mild, clean earth flavor”.

The lamb can be purchased whole or half, or as individual cuts. Our lambs are humanely processed by the family owned, USDA certified, Farmer’s Pride Processing in Bowdon, GA. All processing is per order and can be whatever you desire, but standard cuts are: leg of lamb, shank, steaks (ham or shoulder), shoulder roast, chops, rack of lamb, butterfly chops, organ meats, ground, sausage, and lots of meaty raw bones for bone broth or for your dogs.

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Our hens lay the best eggs in the world.  Really!  At least James Bond thought so and, in From Russia With Love, insisted on The single egg, in the dark blue egg cup with a gold ring around the top, was boiled for three and a third minutes. It was a very fresh, speckled brown egg from French Marans hens…”
So, there. While James Bond might insist on boiled egg perfection, these eggs are amazing fried, scrambled, poached – pretty much any way that suits you.  They really shine in a pound cake or a custard because the yolk color is so intense and the flavor so rich.  Did we mention that the shell of the eggs are chocolate brown?  With really dark speckles?
We don’t sell eggs (unless you come visit the farm and we have a surplus which is basically always), but we do sell hens, and for the hens’ sakes, we have to require that you get two because they are very social.  Actually, they just like to peck at each other, but this is how they show their love.

A bottle lamb causes most shepherds to clinch and suck in air through clenched teeth. Why?…. Follow McNulty teaching us about patience, motherhood, and perseverance. 

About the Farm

We offer Gulf Coast sheep wool, roving, and yarn as well as lamb meats and hides in the coming seasons.  For those wanting fresh eggs every day, Black Copper Maran laying hens are growing into adulthood this year and will be available for rehoming.

Through this year’s blog, we are sharing our experience and knowledge about sustainable farming, natural pest control, and the breeds. Stay tuned for more details though the blog and on the storefront as Red Oak Farms rolls out its new products.

Located in Franklin, Georgia

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Farm Values


We have carefully chosen what crops and species are raised on Red Oak Farm to encourage the best cycle of bioremediation between crops, grazing pastures, and animals to leave the smallest carbon foot print. The wool and meat is locally processed to decrease the fuel emissions and to strengthen small businesses.


The terroir (tare-wah) of an area is the specific bouquet of flavors the nutrients, climate, and history of the soil provides. The ducks, dogs, horses, sheep, chickens and native plants all contribute to the soil’s natural flavors, building a lasting and reliable line of lamb meat. Our lamb meat not only provides nutrients, but has a reliable flavor each year.


We practice exclusive farming techniques are to ensure that no dangerous additives reach our family though food or from the water table. The fields are managed by horse drawn plow, and the sheep and chickens provide all of the organic fertilization we could ever need. Red Oak Farm is glyphosate and hormone free.