We start preparing for the lambs long before they’re born.  Pastures are assessed daily to check forage growth and soil health.  The momma ewes are doted on to make sure that they feel safe, can routinely fill their bellies, and have plenty of clean and clear water.  Fences are patrolled to make certain that predators are kept out.  Every pasture here has ample wooded areas because nothing makes sheep happier than to catnap, in the shade in the summer and in the sun in the winter, with a full belly and chew cud.  It’s what sheep do.  They’re really zen that way.  

We want happy, healthy, contented mommas.  They tend to have happy, healthy, contented lambs.  

Many of our lambs are available as breeding stock for new shepherds looking to start a flock, or for shepherds that wish to supplement or diversify.  But, not all lambs are breeder quality, and, for the sake of the flock and the Gulf Coast breed, and the need for nourishment, some lambs are processed into meat and hides.  Regardless, we honor the life of every lamb and make every effort to minimize the trauma of processing.  We use a small, family owned USDA inspected facility and our lambs are processed within a very short time of being dropped off.  Our lambs have a great life with one bad day. All processing is done off the farm to keep a sense of peace and sanctity to our pastures. 

Meat cannot be mailed. Meat can be picked up on the farm (come visit!) or delivered. For delivery options in the Carrollton, Birmingham, Auburn, and Metro-Atlanta options, please contact Mary Catherine by email or at (404) 358-3882.

Specs about lamb meat
  • Lambs are raised on pasture, momma, sunshine, minerals, and clean water
  • Lambs never receive hormones, antibiotics, or any of those other bad things
  • Lambs are rotationally grazed on pastures with diverse forage – no monocultures here!